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Mandatory according to EU directive and German law:
The whistleblower system

In accordance with the European Union’s Whistleblower Directive 2019/1937 (Whistleblower Directive) and the German Whistleblower Protection Act, employees and other interest groups should be able to report grievances or misconduct. report violations of the law – without fear of consequences.

Accordingly, companies are required by law to set up such a whistleblower system.

With SoftTec Whistleblow Software you are legally on the safe side! Find out how to receive and process reports and communicate anonymously if you wish. Fulfilling the law has never been so easy!

Einfaches Handhabung mit Dashboard für alle Kennzahlen, Statistiken und Überblick der Oberfläche der Whistleblow Software Hinweisgeberschutzsystem nach EU Verordnung, DSGVO konform von SoftTec

Compliant with ISO 37002 (standard for whistleblowing systems)

Onlinebasierte Oberfläche als Internetseite für Whistleblow Software Hinweisgeberschutzsystem nach EU Verordnung, DSGVO konform von SoftTec

Time and again, employees or other stakeholders identify wrongdoing in companies, such as discrimination in the workplace, fraud or competition violations, and then do not know who to turn to or whether to report these cases at all. One reason is ignorance about who is the right person to contact. Another cause is the fear of consequences and the hurdle of openly addressing problems.

To encourage people to point out abuses, the EU has launched Directive 2019/1937. Germany is now taking this up and passing the HinSchG. It requires a whistleblower system to be made available.

With SoftTec’s Whistleblower System, you get an affordable, digital cloud solution. Secure yourself today.

For whom is the whistleblowing system mandatory?

Company as of


Cities, municipalities from


Company in the

Public Sector

Advantages of SoftTec Whistleblow

Simple compliance with legal requirements

Best price-performance ratio

Server in Germany
100% DSGVO compliant

Cloud solution
Immediately ready for use

Anonymity of whistleblowers

Avoidance of financial losses

Functions & Highlights
the Whistleblow Cloud solution

Cloud solution

SoftTec Whistleblow is a cloud solution and does not require installation. Start directly with the whistleblower system.


The person giving the hint receives a user name and chooses a password. After being notified, she can communicate anonymously via the mailbox or actively chooses the option to provide her data.

Identity protection

Whistleblowers and third parties mentioned in the report are anonymized in such a way that it is not possible to identify them externally.


SoftTec Whistleblow is accessible online via a URL, making it easy to access from any device. Share the link e.g. via mail, on your intranet or create a QR code which you make public.


SoftTec Whistleblow is available in multiple languages. This way, tips can be reported and processed without a language barrier.


Notes are usually submitted in writing. Moreover, you can upload photos, videos or voice messages.

Manage access rights

Transfer the access rights to external editors. For example A lawyer or a fully qualified lawyer should handle the case.


Notes can be assigned to different categories.


You will be automatically informed about all changes via e-mail.


SoftTec Whistleblow reminds you of open tasks or deadlines via mail.


Clear display about all notices, (unread) messages and much more.


Checklists or workflows that can be worked through to resolution and assigned different statuses.

Unlimited users and users

Add unlimited team members and users to your system.

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The process

1. Incident

Misconduct or maladministration is observed: e.g. bullying, corruption, discrimination, etc.

2. Message

The whistleblower reports the incident through the Whistleblow System. Then she receives an anonymous mailbox including access data. Photos, voice messages and other files can be uploaded as well.

3. Input

The encrypted message is received by a Compliance employee. The whistleblower will receive confirmation of receipt within 7 days.

4. Processing

Initial review by a:n compliance employee and anonymous dialog with the whistleblower. Feedback on further action within three months.

5. Decision

The person providing the information is given a proposal for a decision on the measures to be taken and is informed about the further procedure.

6. Conclusion

Feedback to the person providing the information and DSGVO-compliant documentation.

Why only a digital reporting system
makes sense:

  • Not accessible and available around the clock
  • Costly
  • Automated storage of communication is not guaranteed
  • Two-way communication is difficult and cannot be made 100% anonymous
  • Not available around the clock or no response
  • Costly and time-consuming
  • Automated storage of communication is not guaranteed
  • Two-way communication is difficult and cannot be made 100% anonymous
  • Theoretically accessible and available around the clock
  • Costly and time-consuming
  • Automated storage of communication is not guaranteed
  • Two-way communication is difficult and cannot be made 100% anonymous
  • Reachable and available around the clock
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Automated storage of communication is not always guaranteed
  • Two-way communication is difficult and cannot be made 100% anonymous
SoftTec Whistleblow
  • Reachable and available around the clock
  • Cost-effective and uncomplicated
  • Automated storage of communication is ensured
  • Two-way communication is possible and can be 100% anonymized
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More facts


of the affected dt. Companies put the financial damage caused by malpractice at more than EUR 100,000


of the companies surveyed had been affected by maladministration at least once


of the surveyed German Companies were able to uncover 80% of financial damage through digital whistleblowing system

Source: Study “Whistleblowing Report 2021” EQS / FH Graubünden, 1,239 companies surveyed in 4 countries.

What is particularly important to the people providing the information?

of the data
Protection from
Protection from
Wage reduction

Source: European Commission based on a survey by ICF Consulting Services Limited.

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